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Welcome to EarthUnderFoot: Sustainable lawn care for beginners.

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

builders grade bermudagrass lawn

Hey there, lawn-lovers! Welcome to EarthUnderFoot, my cozy corner of the internet where we dive into sustainable lawn care for beginners with a healthy dose of humor. to be clear I'm no expert, but I'm here to share my misadventures, handy tips, and maybe some laughs as we navigate the green jungle together.

What to Expect:

  1. Lawn Chronicles: Join me on my journey as I tackle sustainable lawn care head-on. From crazy encounters with critters to unexpected gardening mishaps, I'll spill the beans on my experiences and share tips I've picked up along the way. Get ready for a good chuckle and some valuable lessons!

  2. Unconventional Experiments: We're not afraid to think outside the garden box! Together, we'll explore wacky techniques, quirky tools, and maybe even try a few wild experiments. Be prepared for some eyebrow-raising moments and the occasional "wait, what?" as we inject creativity into our lawns.

  3. Community Shenanigans: EarthUnderFoot is all about building a community of fun-loving green thumbs. Join the gang, share your own lawn tales, and let's have a blast together! Laughter is the best fertilizer, after all.


Welcome to EarthUnderFoot, where sustainable lawn care meets humor and a whole lot of fun. I'm here to share my quirky adventures and make your lawn care journey a hilarious one. Let's dig in, laugh our way through the challenges, and create a vibrant community of green thumbs with an irresistible sense of humor. Ready to join me? Let's get this party started at EarthUnderFoot!

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